Alton Towers: May 2016

For the last few years we have traveled up to Alton Towers for a day out. Previously we have driven to and from the park in a single day, (six-hour round trip), stayed in Hotels, B&B’s and more recently our Caravan. However, this time due to a last minute change of plan we ended up staying at Alton Towers’ own hotel. Literally booked at 11:30am online, jumped in the car and drove straight there.

Clare and I were very impressed and so too was our son. We loved the themed rooms, the setting of the Secret Garden Restaurant along with their food and the fact there was entertainment for the young ones in the neighbouring hotel with the water park.

What we didn’t realise until we checked in is that you get access to the park an hour before official opening. So off we went, a quiet park and a full day ahead.

Now I’m very much into the thrill you get from the Rollercoasters while my son, (mainly due to height restrictions), and wife prefer the more gentle rides and attractions. However, there are two particular rides we all enjoy together, the now closed Log Flume and Congo River Rapids. This year I happened to have my GoPro with me. I had no idea how the footage would come out, but here it is.

Even from that video, you get a sense of how quiet the park is. While waiting for our turn on one of the rides a member of staff said their expectations were low numbers being during term time, and of those attending most would be families with toddlers. This meant the big rollercoasters had virtually no queue time, most was walk straight onto the next train in.

This meant I experienced all the rollercoasters, (Galactica, Spinball, Nemisis, Thirteen, Rita, Oblivion and Smiler), we covered CBeebies land twice, the full length of the Sky Lift and all without rushing in under 5 hours.

I love Alton Towers,

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