Month 28, finally another update! Damage Investigation…

It has been around 16 months since I have done any work on the Vectra, mainly because it is low priority on my to-do list. Apart from popping over to the garage every so often checking up on it, no work has been carried out other than removing the headlights allowing me to start inspecting for any potential damage below the surface.

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After 12 months dumped outside the Vectra is now in a garage!

I needed to store the Vectra off the road as the tax and MOT was due to expire. Without either of those it can not be parked on a public highway so it ended up being stored near our caravan, outside in all the elements.

Unfortunately, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” took its toll and it was nearly a year before I arranged to get covered storage. Although I checked on it from time to time, I never unlocked it, let alone started the engine.
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Lamborghini shopping…well, browsing!

Those who know me are aware of my love of Lamborghini’s and one of my goals is to one day own one. When I found out there was a Lamborghini dealership coming to Bristol I just had to go and visit.

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I was only meant to cut the grass, but took down a tree!

It was just another day, a typical Saturday and our plans were simple. Get the house tidy and pack for our upcoming holiday. Progress was good and by early afternoon we decided to have lunch and a short break. I then decided as the weather was nice to get the lawnmower out and cut the grass in our garden. It was getting ridiculously long with the rain/sunshine mixture over the last few weeks. To the point our cats could hide in it.

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