RailDriver® 64-Bit software now available in beta.

For those that know me, I use my RailDriver Desktop Cab Controller as often as I can while in Train Simulator. With most recent update to Train Simulator 64-bit compatibility was created. This allows the simulator to access more RAM on the users machine rather than the 4GB limit in 32-bit. However, this creates some issues with compatibility of plugins such as the Raildriver Controller.

However, Raildriver, a P.I. Engineering company have now released a new piece of software in 64-bit for their controller. I’ve had the privilege of testing it prior to the public release and I can say it so easy to set up and get driving straight out of the box.

You can see my run-through here:

As I mention in the video, scripting of the locos has become a lot more complicated since RailDriver was created, so in the previous software some locos would not perform correctly, if at all. However, in this new version even some 3rd party loco’s that are not “RailDriver compatable” as stated by their developers, I was still able to drive.

With this, you can imaging creating a script to work with every single loco ever created for Train Simulator, (and there are loads!), will be very time consuming, and a “one fits all” solution may not work with certain locos depending on how they have been created. But, this will cover the majority.

There are as you would expect with any new software, especially in Beta, a few bugs that need to be ironed out. One of which is as we found out during my testing, Train Simulator needs to currently be installed on the C:/ drive as it looks for the relevant data here. However, I know the Raildriver team are actively working on these so expect updates very soon.

I love my Raildriver controller, it changes the way you drive the train, by feel rather than pressing keys on the keyboard a certain number of times to apply brakes for example.

If you have a Raildriver controller yourself, you can download the Beta 64-bit software from here: http://raildriver.com/support/TrainSimulator.php

If you haven’t, you can see me live streaming Train Simulator with the Raildriver here: http://twitch.tv/chrisschild

Have you used the new software? Leave your comments below.

2 thoughts on “RailDriver® 64-Bit software now available in beta.”

  1. At present you must have your TS2019 and Raildriver 64 bit app on your system drive. If TS2019 is installed on a dedicated drive it will not work. Conversations with P.I. Engineering indicate that they are working on a fix for use with multiple drive applications.

    1. That is correct. During my testing we discovered this issue. They are working on a fix for this. Article edited to mention it. Chris.

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