2003 Vauxhall Vectra SRi

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Yes, you might think something along the lines of “it’s only a Vectra” or “it’s a diesel family car”, but this car is my pride and joy.
It is a 2003 Vauxhall Vectra SRi. Powered by a 2171cc, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine producing 125hp it isn’t exactly sporty as the SRi badge suggests. 0-60mph is around 10.8 seconds and according to Vauxhall it will top out at 125mph.

I bought the car in 2006, but it wasn’t my first Vectra C. Around six months earlier I bought a 2002 model in Star Silver with the bottom of the range 1.8 petrol engine. After a catastrophic gearbox failure it was back in the dealership and with some persuasion, repaired under the warranty. In the three weeks without the car I saw the 2.2 diesel for sale online. Withdrawal symptoms maybe, I made the call and went to view it. The ultra blue paint looked good, and within 10 days of getting his car back with a brand new gearbox, it was traded in.
I’ve always preferred bigger cars. While my friends had Citroen Saxo’s, Renault Clio’s and the like, I had Cavalier’s and a Carlton, and this new Vectra was my ideal daily car.

On the day of collection I carried out an economy test On the two-hour drive in the 1.8 petrol I averaged 32.4mpg. Not bad, until I got 57.6mpg on the return trip in exactly the same conditions – just under half the fuel costs. Not only I was saving on the fuel, the insurance was cheaper too and it is actually 2 whole seconds quicker to 60mph.

I did say when I bought this one I was going to keep it standard – until someone bought me the front lip spoiler. Then the rest of the modifications followed!

Read the latest Blog posts about this project.