Model Railway: “As Yet Untitled”

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“As yet untitled” is a compact layout built specifically for ease of setting up to run stock. It measures just 240cm long and 80cm deep, comprising of 2x 120cm by 80cm baseboards.

The layout itself is of a completely fictional location. Although some plans have been made on paper, most of the track layout will be designed ‘on the go’.

The purpose of this build is to create something that can be set up quickly and is relatively easy to construct. All the track is on one level, in fact the whole baseboard is flat.

But if it is meant to be quick and simple to set up, why didn’t I just have one baseboard? This is a compromise I made, although it’s a squeeze I can still fit full length HSTs in full view which can not be done on any other layout at the moment.

Future plan; Construction should be relatively quick. At the end of day one the baseboard frame is complete and track has been loosely placed and manipulated. Once 100% happy, a cork underlay will be fitted before the track is secured on top.