Test Run of the First Loop

It has only been two weeks since my the last update, rather than two years like before. But as I have mentioned, I am keen to get a layout up and running as soon as possible.

With that said, today has reached a major stage in the build. The inner loop is now complete, all be it loosely pinned into place so I have a good idea of how the layout will look.

After pushing some Mk3 coaches around the track by hand, I could not resist getting out one of my original DC controllers and connecting the wires to the track.

But which loco would have the privilege of picking up the power first? It could only be one, my very first model railway train which started it all, the Graham Farish HST in Intercity Swallow livery.

Now, I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting much, if anything to happen at all. After all, this power car is 22 years old, and it is showing its age with flaking paint. Gently placed it on the track without any coaches, ensured the points for the fiddle yard were set correctly to allow a complete loop, and slowly increased the power.

Not only did it start to move, it did a complete loop! After a few more circuits I then swapped out the power car for a Merlin liveried set in a 2+5 formation. Again, this completed multiple loops with no issues.

Finally, I mixed up the Mk3’s to create a 2+8 formation and apart from a little struggle on the incline, (only where the centre of the baseboard is slightly higher at the moment), that too ran faultlessly.

Now that I know I have a working loop and the HST’s have no issues negotiating the tightest radius curves, attention will no move to more permanently securing the track and adding the outer loop.

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