The Vectra in its’ New Home

I needed to store the Vectra off the road as the tax and MOT was due to expire. Without either of those it can not be parked on a public highway so it ended up being stored near our caravan, outside in all the elements.

Unfortunately, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” took its toll and it was nearly a year before I arranged to get covered storage. Although I checked on it from time to time, I never unlocked it, let alone started the engine.

So the day arrives to move it to its new home. I wanted to get the engine running, first a quick check of the dip stick and the oil level is fine so on go the jump leads. After a few minutes the dash lights spring into life, the alarm sounds but not enough power to turn the starter.

Time passes and there just isn’t enough power to turn the engine over. I decide to swap out the battery for a spare I have lying about that I know is charged up and bingo, it spluttered into life – and there is that annoying squeal from the auxiliary belt.

The next issue is moving it, the brakes had seized. A few back and forth movements soon freed them up. After a quick spin around some private land, it’s loaded up and transported to the new garage.

And there it is, needing a thorough clean but it’s not bad for 12 months of let’s face it, being abandoned.

Now the work can start on getting it roadworthy again!

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